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Interview with BioPharmaTrend

GLEN BURNIE // April 7, 2024 - Diagnostic Biochips' Founder and CTO shares insights into the evolving world of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) in an interview with BioPharmaTrend.

In an interview, Brian Jamieson, the pioneering mind behind Diagnostic Biochips, dives deep into the rapidly evolving world of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). At the core of this discussion lies the fusion of neuroscience and cutting-edge technology, which is carving out new pathways for human-computer interaction. BCIs come in two forms: invasive and non-invasive. Invasive BCIs offer precise communication with individual neurons but face challenges like surgical risks. Non-invasive BCIs are safer but have limitations in resolution.

Technical challenges persist, including issues with long-term viability and biocompatibility of implants. Jamieson highlights the contributions of companies beyond Neuralink in the BCI space. He also discusses the potential of BCIs in neuroscience drug discovery, envisioning scalable 3D brain models for drug testing.

Looking ahead, Jamieson's optimism about BCIs promises transformative advances in medical treatments and human capabilities. 

Read and watch the full interview here: Navigating the Brain-Computer Interface Frontier: An Interview with ex-NASA Expert

About Diagnostic Biochips:

Diagnostic Biochips is a scientific research instrumentation and software company based in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The company's technologies enable researchers to collect high-fidelity brain data with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution and conduct research to help lay the groundwork for advancements in understanding the human brain and challenging neurological diseases.