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Janus Probe

Double the Density. Double the Yield. Same Lightweight Packaging.

Key Benefits

Sites on Both Sides of Probe Shanks

double recording field of view

maximize recording density in small brain regions

demonstrated increase in likelihood to find monosynaptically cell pairs

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"Being able to record from large numbers of neurons simultaneously was really crucial for our study. Dual side probe from Diagnostic Biochips was really the key for collecting the high quality data used in this study."

Explore the Janus in Research


Working memory features are embedded in hippocampal place fields

György Buzsáki's lab at NYU uses the Janus 64-1-D in the mouse hippocampus, CA1 region to explore memory and “splitter” fields.


Local activation of CA1 pyramidal cells induces theta-phase precession

Eran Stark's lab at Tel Aviv University uses the Janus 64-7-D in the mouse hippocampus, CA1 region to explore theta-phase precession.


Positive and biphasic extracellular waveforms correspond to return currents and axonal spikes

Stark's lab uses the 64-7-D in mice CA1 region to explore positive, biphasic extracellular waveforms, currents and axonal spikes.