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Deep Array

Big Data from the Depths of Big Brains

Key Benefits

High Channel Count

record many neurons simultaneously 

High Density Recording Sites

isolate single units

200µm-diameter, Stainless Steel Shank

minimally invasive, mechanically robust shank to target deep structures

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“DBC’s Deep Array probes have been the workhorse in my lab for over two years, with consistently strong results. The build quality is excellent, and the variety of channel counts and configurations gives us many options with a short lead time. The sales and support team is also highly responsive and knowledgeable — a great research partner.”

Explore the Deep Array in Research


Theta- and gamma-band oscillatory uncoupling in the macaque hippocampus

Kari Hoffman's lab at Vanderbilt uses the DA128-2 with dual column electrode layout for recordings in the macaque hippocampal CA1 region to measure theta and gamma frequency bands.


Distinguishing externally from saccade-induced motion in visual cortex

Hoffman's lab also uses the DA128-1 with a single column linear span for recordings in the macaque hippocampus to study circuit dynamics of superficial and deep CA1 pyramidal cells.


A machine learning toolbox for the analysis of sharp-wave ripples reveals common waveform features across species

Liset M. de la Prida's lab at Instituto Cajal uses the DA64-1 with a linear electrode span in the macaque hippocampus to record sharp wave ripples.