The Leader in Neural Recording and Analysis

Simple-to-use probes for electrophysiology, neural monitoring and chemical sensing

Next-Generation Diagnostic Platform for
Unlocking Critical Brain Data

Obtain High-Fidelity, Chronic and Acute Brain Recordings

Supports research leading to more focused therapies and drugs.

Minimize Tissue Damage

Implant with the least amount of surrounding tissue disturbance.

Capture Single-Unit Data

Critical recording activity of individual units (neurons) rather than grossly averaged networked data.

Execute Reliable and Repeatable Measurements

Strengthen understanding of brain networking through reliable and repeatable measurements.

Designed for Ease of Implementation

Engineered with ease of use for both acute and chronic research.

Create Robust Data Sets

Collaborate and converge data sets from different brain regions.

How We Measure Up to Alternative Neurosensors

DB Neurosensor in the fingers of a scientist wearing purple gloves.

DB Neurosensors is the leading market option for electrophysiology, neural recording and chemical sensing.

Our neurosensors are only 10’s of microns wide, whereas a majority of alternatives are larger and challenging to use as a result. DB Neurosensors are designed to relieve prominent pain points, such as:

  • Surgery length & difficulty

  • Acute & chronic use

  • Implant site tissue disturbance

  • Neurosensor durability & reliability

Top Reasons to Choose DB Neurosensors

Why Choose Us

Accurately, reliably and repeatedly record brain data in both acute and chronic research scenarios.

Pinpoint specific malfunctioning clusters of neurons, not just general regions of the brain.

Utilize single-unit data to develop better therapies, drugs, and cures for a spectrum of neurological diseases and disorders by producing a new, dynamic picture of the brain.

DB Neurosensors in a petri dish on a purple background
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