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Diagnostic Biochips Partners with Green Leaf Scientific.

Diagnostic Biochips Inc. is pleased to announce Green Leaf Scientific as our new European representative for our full line of miniaturized high-channel-count probes for recording circuit-level neural activity. Diagnostic Biochips smaller, less invasive, technology shows great promise in the fields of pre-clinical neuroscience, brain-computer interface, and human clinical applications.

Green Leaf Scientific was founded by Red Box Direct Ltd in 2015 to help researchers in Europe access more specialized scientific research equipment not easily available to them in their region. They are an Irish-based company staffed by scientists who enjoy contributing to the success of researchers by working to find the best solutions. They supply scientific research instrumentation and software to laboratories throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

By partnering with smaller niche life sciences manufacturers worldwide, Green Leaf Scientific has played an intricate role in supplying researchers with the specialized equipment they need to progress their research. Now with hundreds of happy customers worldwide, Green Leaf Scientific has evolved to become a leading provider of equipment in the fields of Neuroscience, Optogenetics, In Vivo Behavioral Equipment, Cell Biology and Sample Preparation.

Diagnostic Biochips is excited to be working with Green Leaf Scientific and the greater population of researchers around the world.