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Brian Jamieson Discusses Neuralink's Impact with Pharmaceutical Technology

GLEN BURNIE // January 31, 2024 - Founder and CTO, Brian Jamieson, shares his thoughts on the potential of brain-computer interfaces.

He sheds light on the history of BCIs, but notes that common use amongst larger populations remains unknown in the coming years. He talks about Elon Musk's plans with BCI and shares his take on Neuralink's grand plans. Check out the full article: Can Musk’s BCI company Neuralink be trusted to put chips in your brain?

About Diagnostic Biochips:

Diagnostic Biochips is a scientific research instrumentation and software company based in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The company's technologies enable researchers to collect high-fidelity brain data with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution and conduct research to help lay the groundwork for advancements in understanding the human brain and challenging neurological diseases.