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BioTechniques Discusses Research with Michael Long

GLEN BURNIE // February 20, 2024 - Dr. Michael Long recently had an interview with BioTechniques to discuss his research and how DBC gives him the tools he needs to succeed.

"What I love about [DBC's probe] is it has a ton of channels, we can get a ton of neurons, they're really stable, but it can't break. So it's on a piece of metal that at worst will bend and perhaps flex, which I think is actually a good thing. You can imagine a shock absorber, right? If there's any movement of the brain – and there's plenty of movement of the brain – or any movement of the patient, it's absorbed by this kind of wispy, bendable electrodes. And this enters into the brain and allows us to perform our recordings in a way that moves with the brain and allows us, in a completely safe environment, to record these data – and we've done it successfully now in five patients."

Long utilizes our Active Silicon Probes in songbirds and singing mice to investigate neural circuits underlying vocal communication. Additionally, he teamed up with the University of Iowa to use our Deep Array in the clinical setting under IRB approval. He aims to further understand neural patterns of speech and social interaction to aid patients suffering from disorders affecting these areas.

Hear what he has to say about DBC at timestamp 19:00 and in more depth around 23:30. Simply create a free account to listen: Talking Techniques | Investigating the neurological pathways underlying vocal communication

About Diagnostic Biochips:

Diagnostic Biochips is a scientific research instrumentation and software company based in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The company's technologies enable researchers to collect high-fidelity brain data with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution and conduct research to help lay the groundwork for advancements in understanding the human brain and challenging neurological diseases.