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NIH Blog Spotlights Research with the Deep Array

A recent blog post by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) spotlights the video that received first place in the 2023 BRAIN Initiative Contest. The winning entry, titled "Simian Symphony," takes us into the fascinating realm of neuroscience, showcasing the innovative use of DBC's Deep Array technology by neuroscientist Saman Abbaspoor in the lab of Kari Hoffman at Vanderbilt University, Nashville.

The winning video provides a glimpse into the neural intricacies of the brain, where Abbaspoor introduces us to a revolutionary tool—the Deep Array probe. In the video, we witness this probe implanted in the brain, specifically reaching the hippocampus. This device allows the Hoffman lab to wirelessly record neural activity in different layers of the hippocampus, whether the animal is at rest or freely moving about.

Tyler Sloan's data visualization expertise adds an artistic dimension to the data presented in the video. The neurons firing in response to various stimuli are paired with piano notes, creating an auditory and visual experience. The resulting "Simian Symphony" showcases the harmonious collaboration between technology, data visualization, and the creative arts.

Read the full NIH Blog here:

Watch the First Place Award Winning Video here: