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Meet Dongyoul Lee, BS, Our Senior Engineer!

Team-LeeIf you have ever recorded using one of our probes or arrays, Lee is the one to thank for that product's assembly. As our Senior Engineer, Lee has dedicated over 10 years of his career to the success of DBC by being one of the original employees and kick-starting all engineering processes. Lee remembers the first years at DBC being filled with all kinds of successes and failures as he worked to perfect the products. He notes there were many times he almost gave up making new devices, but with continuous persistence and determination his efforts started working in his favor and he felt proud to be the brains behind the operation. The magic that made it all work remains a mystery even to Lee himself. But what he knows for sure is that this journey was the most defining moment of his career, and it's what keeps him driven at DBC.

Lee's role here at DBC extends beyond one defined position. He is the parent behind every product and views them all as his legacy. All employees at Diagnostic Biochips can confidently say that Lee is the heart and soul of the company. Without him, DBC simply would not be the same. Thank you Lee for your unwavering commitment to DBC throughout the years!