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Meet DBC's Assembly Engineer Ashley Recklein, BS

Screen Shot 2024-01-11 at 2.04.03 PMIn the manufacturing lab at Diagnostic Biochips, Ashley Recklein adds her touch to perfect the assembly of probes before they ship to our customers. With a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland and previous work at a Med-Tech start-up developing point-of-care diagnostics devices, Ashley's expertise ensures DBC provides the best quality to our users. She also works to improve the processes in place for more efficient probe packaging and is occasionally involved in research and development projects. 

Ashley recalls some of her favorite moments at DBC are when it is "crunch time" and everyone in the lab is singing, making the stressful hours enjoyable. Another fond memory is when she first successfully created a probe from start to finish by herself. 

Outside of the lab, Ashley loves anything crafty. Whether it's painting, working with clay, crocheting, or making fun jewelry, she takes her creative side in any direction it will go! She's also a star when it comes to playing board games and is always on the hunt for a new game to beat. Thank you Ashley for all your hard work and dedication to DBC! We truly value your attention to detail and positive work ethic.