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Forbes Interview with Greg Alden, CEO and President

Forbes recently sat down with Greg Alden, CEO and President of Diagnostic Biochips, to discuss his career, how he brings his unique perspective as a Parkinson’s patient to DBC’s work, and the latest on the treatment horizon for neurodegenerative diseases. 

Alden's career began in the tech world of data collection and storage, but a Parkinson's diagnosis in 2010 redirected his focus. Now leading DBC, he combines tech expertise with a passion for neuroscience. Alden's firsthand experience with Parkinson's drives DBC's patient-focused innovation. It ensures their solutions address real research needs, guiding product development for maximum therapeutic impact. The slow progress in treating neurodegenerative diseases stems from a lack of basic brain understanding. DBC aims to change this by leveraging detailed data to unlock the brain's mysteries.

Alden emphasizes the value of granular brain data, advocating for an inside-out approach. DBC's mission involves reverse engineering the brain's complexities using detailed information as a compass. With exciting developments on the horizon, collaboration and resilience pave the way for transformative treatments.

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