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Dr. André Bastos hosts MaDeLaNe Workshop

Last week, Dr. André Bastos, a professor and researcher at Vanderbilt University, hosted a workshop to discuss his novel data analysis approach. The Multi-Area, high-Density, Laminar Neurophysiology (MaDeLaNe) workshop consisted of 25 participants from various backgrounds and levels of expertise. The MaDaLaNe technique aims to tackle the problem of how to infer the computations that underlie these multi-dimensional datasets.

The datasets used in this workshop were generated with DBC's Deep Array from real lab experiments. Participants also utilized DBCloud as a tool for spike sorting, AI automation, and data storage management.

Dr. Bastos questions, "How should researchers organize, process, analyze, and mine these data?" In his four day workshop, he and other experts presented the latest state-of-the-art solutions. Topics covered include how to prepare and pre-process rich multi-site neurophysiology data, how to perform spike sorting, frequency-domain burst analysis, connectivity analysis, and detection of synchronous network activity.

Thank you to everyone who attended!