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DBC's Deep Array Wins MTEC Prototype of the Year Award

Prototype of the Year Award  Scientific & Biomedical Microsystems LLCDiagnostic Biochips is pleased to announce that the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) has recognized “Deep Array” as their Prototype of the Year, among the work of all funded entities.

Deep Array is DBC’s high density, multichannel electrode system for interfacing with deep brain structures in non-human primates (NHPs) and humans (research use only). Specifically, this project involved the prototyping and demonstration of key elements of a visual prosthesis appropriate for targeting thalamic structures, with the eventual goal of restoring sight to the blind.

Because the work was originally begun by DBC’s then-parent company SBM (the two entities are no longer linked), the award will go to SBM. Still, DBC will be taking a victory lap all month!

The team would also like to thank collaborators Kari Hoffman, Thilo Womelsdorf and Andrew Bastos (Vanderbilt University), Pieter Roelfsema (Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience), John Wolf (University of Pennsylvania) and Tahl Holtzman (Cambridge Neurotech).