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DBC Team Published in Translational Research

Two Diagnostic Biochips team members, Brian G. Jamieson PhD and Karen Scida PhD, recently had a review paper published in Translational Research: The Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine, along with UCSB’s Kevin W. Plaxco PhD.

“High frequency, real-time neurochemical and neuropharmacological measurements in situ in the living body”



The beautiful and complex brain machinery is perfectly synchronized, and our bodies have evolved to protect it against a myriad of potential threats. Shielded physically by the skull and chemically by the blood brain barrier, the brain processes internal and external information so that we can efficiently relate to the world that surrounds us while simultaneously and unconsciously controlling our vital functions. When coupled with the brittle nature of its internal chemical and electric signals, the brain’s “armor” render accessing it a challenging and delicate endeavor that has historically limited our understanding of its structural and neurochemical intricacies. In this review, we briefly summarize the advancements made over the past 10 years to decode the brain’s neurochemistry and neuropharmacology in situ, at the site of interest in the brain, with special focus on what we consider game-changing emerging technologies (eg, genetically encoded indicators and electrochemical aptamer-based sensors) and the challenges these must overcome before chronic, in situ chemosensing measurements become routine.