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Brian Jamieson's Feature in AZoLifeSciences

AZoLifeSciences' interview with our Founder and CTO, Brian Jamieson, highlights his journey to found Diagnostic Biochips and the goals for the company's future. Brian discusses the fast-growing world of neural electrophysiology and how DBC paves our way in the market for researchers studying brain diseases and disorders. He notes that DBC sets itself apart by creating tools like the Deep Array to access deeper structures in the brains of larger animals, and eventually, humans. Currently, there is an extremely limited number of research tools that allow scientists to observe the deep brain at the single-unit level. Brian states, "We aim to provide reliable, professional-grade tools that address gaps in the current market." 

Eventually, DBC hopes to enter the market of human research to directly tackle brain disorders that cannot be fully represented with animal models. There have been a few users, with IRB approval, that implanted and recorded with our Deep Array into volunteers during DBS surgery. Although the path is long for human testing and use, our initial dip into it shows promising results. 

Read the full article and see all that Brian has to say about the future for Diagnostic Biochips: