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Preconfigured Dynamics in the Hippocampus are Guided by Embryonic Birthdate and Rate of Neurogenesis


The incorporation of new information into the hippocampal network is likely to be constrained by its innate architecture and internally generated activity patterns. However, the origin, organization and consequences of such patterns remain poorly understood. In the present study we show that hippocampal network dynamics are affected by sequential neurogenesis. We birthdated CA1 pyramidal neurons with in utero electroporation over 4 embryonic days, encompassing the peak of hippocampal neurogenesis, and compared their functional features in freely moving adult mice. Neurons of the same birthdate displayed distinct connectivity, coactivity across brain states and assembly dynamics. Same-birthdate neurons exhibited overlapping spatial representations, which were maintained across different environments. Overall, the wiring and functional features of CA1 pyramidal neurons reflected a combination of birthdate and the rate of neurogenesis. These observations demonstrate that sequential neurogenesis during embryonic development shapes the preconfigured forms of adult network dynamics.


Roman Huszar, Yungchang Zhang, Heike Blockus & Gyorgy Buzsaki

Published: 2022

PMID: 35995878



Research Area:

Developmental Neuroscience