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Intuitive and powerful products designed to support groundbreaking research in electrophysiology.


Plug & Play Hardware

The science is hard; the tools shouldn’t be. From probes to software, DBC’s plug and play products are ready to use right out of the box.  We are focused on making powerful and intuitive products that let you focus on your next breakthrough.

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Big Data Ready Software

Multichannel electrophysiology is big data science. With our cloud-based software, you finally have the resources to treat it that way. We offer scalable storage, spike-sorting running on powerful GPU resources, cutting-edge analysis tools, and seamlessly-integrated data sharing even for far-flung research teams.

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DBC Plug & Play Hardware

Powerful, elegant, easy-to-use systems for electrophysiology

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Neural Probes

Compact, high-channel electrodes for deep structure and surface recordings – the DBC team has decades of experience building cutting edge micro-fabricated electrodes.

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Data Acquisition Box

The days of large, expensive recording electronics are gone. DBC’s Data Acquisition Box (based on the open-ephys system) allows you to stream up to 512 channels of data directly to your computer, and upload to the cloud for spikesorting and other analysis with our software.

Neural Probes

High-density, microfabricated neural probes for both deep structure and surface recordings


Silicon Probes


Deep Array


Micro EcOG


Janus Double-sided

# of channels

64, 128

32, 64, 128

64, 128

64, 128


Up to 12 mm

Up to 90 mm


Up to 12 mm

Intended Targets

Small animals, cortex in NHP and other large animals

Deep structures in NHP and other large animals

Cortical surface

Small animals and cortex of NHP and large animals

Substrate Material

Single crystal silicon

Sharpened stainless steel or tungsten wire

Flexible polymer

Single crystal silicon

Site Material

Electroplated pedot

Electroplated pedot

Electroplated pedot

Electroplated pedot

Available Options

Optical fiber attach, EEG lead (2 for 64 channel, 4 for 128 channel), accelerometer

Optical fiber attach, EEG lead (2 for 64 channel, 4 for 128 channel)





Cloud-based software, from spikesorting to data sharing, allowing you to analyze your data and collaborate with colleagues anytime/anywhere.

Cloud-based Software

With just a login and a password, get access to our cutting-edge software for spike sorting, data sharing and data analysis – anywhere, anytime.

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