Scott Smith is a neurotechnology executive who has enthusiastically embraced innovation in the fields of cognitive and clinical neuroscience and neurology for over 25 years.

Scott was part of the team who brought the first commercial 128 channel amplifier to market (Neuroscan Synamp), and the first FDA approved 512 channel system for recording from microelectrodes in humans (Neuralynx ATLAS). He has extensive expertise in equipping pre-clinical research studies, including human single-neuron studies. Scott is passionate about enabling research by neuroscientists and clinicians at many of the world’s leading academic facilities. He thrives on the fact that advances made in technology and knowledge today will lead to better outcomes for patients in the future.

Scott earned an MS in Psychology with a focus on cognitive neuroscience and electrophysiology from The University of Texas at El Paso. While in graduate school, Scott studied attention in the clinical setting for both Alzheimer’s patients and children with ADHD. Prior to joining DBC, he held leadership positions at Neuroscan, EmSense, and Neuralynx with experience ranging from technical operations to sales and scientific advisory management. In his free time, Scott enjoys a multitude of outdoor activities and travel.

Scott Smith