Greg Alden’s 25-year career has been built on optimizing data communications to solve big problems, from the early broadband internet in the early 90’s, the introduction of data to mobile communications, and most recently within the human brain.

Greg joined Diagnostic Biochips (DBC) in mid-2018 as an advisor and became President and CEO in early 2019, bringing a wealth of business expertise, and a personal drive to pioneer next-generation medical devices and therapies for neurological diseases and disorders. He is responsible for leading DBC’s mission to create a common approach to capture and leverage brain data in a standardized, highly repeatable and measurable way.

Previously, Greg served as CEO and Founder of Enclave Data. Before that, he was CEO and Founder of RIFT, a leader in network automation, as well as a founding member of Movik Networks. From 1992 to 2008, Greg was instrumental in building two companies that were ultimately acquired by Cisco: Compatible Systems Corporation, followed by Starent Networks. Between these two endeavors, Greg also spent seven years at Cisco holding several senior positions including a role as a founder of Cisco’s U.S. Mobile Operations which his team grew to over $1B in revenue in just over two years. Greg is the co-author of several patents in the areas of networking and virtualization, and spends his free time with his five kids or participating in triathlons and offshore sailing.

Greg Alden