Complete Hardware Solution

The science is hard, the tools shouldn’t be. Never worry about system compatibility or channel mapping mismatch ever again.

Diagnostic Biochips offers a one-stop shop for electrophysiology systems.

  • High-density silicon probes & micro-ECoGs. No headstages required!

  • Data acquisition system

  • Starter kits available, including all accessories (SPI cable, microdrives) required to start recording right away


We work with you to to create the innovative, state-of-the-art neural interface tools required to advance and elevate your research.


We eliminated the hurdles so you can achieve implantation success and repeatable measurements with our reliable, easy-to-use sensors.


Our customer-driven approach extends beyond fabrication. We provide training on neurosensor mounting and implantation best practices.

Diagnostic Biochips is dedicated to enabling and furthering the neuroscience field by providing customers with industry-leading devices and solutions. Our expertly-engineered technologies include an extensive suite of high-performance microelectrodes, cutting-edge software, and reliable systems. Groundbreaking research in electrophysiology and neural monitoring has never been this accessible, and we are committed to developing the highest quality interfaces for your research.