Comparing the DBC Deep Array

How does Deep Array Measure Up?

The Diagnostic Biochips Deep Array offers advantages over other competing probes. One of its standout features is its enhanced spatial resolution, achieved through an arrangement of microelectrodes that allows for recordings of a larger number of neurons. This heightened resolution empowers researchers to delve deeper into intricate neural networks, capturing details of neural communication. Additionally, the Deep Array offers exceptional signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in cleaner data acquisition. Ultimately, the Diagnostic Biochips Deep Array not only offers unprecedented understanding into brain function but also revolutionizes our understanding of neurological disorders and potential therapeutic interventions.

deep array vs neuropixel shank only

The Deep Array's high-density channel count, small footprint, and long shank outreaches and outperforms the competition. Easily reach any brain area with the Deep Array.

Click below on the 5 stand-out features to learn more about what our Deep Array has to offer.

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Site Density

Experience high-density recordings with our Deep Array. Unlike the NeuroNexus Vector Array and Plexon U-probe, which top out at 64 channels, the Deep Array has up to 128 integrated channels. Our high-density Deep Arrays pack a competitive 40 channels per linear millimeter and all 128 channels are available for simultaneous recording. For the highest site densities in neuroscience, check out our silicon "Janus" probes, featuring dual-sided shanks for recordings on both the front and back of the array and nearly double the density of the Neuropixels.

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Design Flexibility


Customize the length of the Deep Array precisely to your specific requirements, setting us apart from competitors who offer standardized lengths. With a maximum length of 90mm, our array can reach the deepest targets. Choose from a range of designs and discover the versatility of the Deep Array and its broad applications.

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Our Deep Array stands out from NeuroPixels as it offers compatibility with a wide range of recording systems. Our devices are compatible with Intan, OpenEphys, Neuralynx, TDT, Plexon, Blackrock, Ripple, and various others.

In addition, our Deep Array surpasses NeuroPixels' 10-bit encoding with an impressive 16-bit bit depth to increase your SNR and aid in artifact rejection.

For multi-modal experiments, any of our devices can be made into an optrode with the addition of an optical fiber.

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Thanks to the incorporation of reinforcement rods, our Deep Array has exceptional durability. Furthermore, the cylindrical and sturdy cross section of the array ensures a secure and easy-to-integrate grip. The long shank length aids in achieving precise alignment with your driving system.

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Easily record with multiple Deep Arrays in one brain with acute methods. Due to their long thin shanks, placing Deep Arrays in close proximity is simple. 

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