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Reliably and accurately record granular brain data

IoT for the Brain

Diagnostic Biochips offers industry-leading neurosensors for preclinical electrophysiology, neural monitoring, and chemical sensing research. Designed to accurately record and stimulate individual brain cells with as little disturbance to normal function as possible. Our neurosensors enhance researchers’ ability to study multiple regions of the brain simultaneously. For example, researchers focused on learning and memory can easily record from the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus, and converge different data sets to make them useful in a larger context.

DB Neurosensors are the future of medical devices and therapies for neurological diseases and disorders. Our active, in-house R&D team produces frequent product enhancements to continually improve your experience.

Diagnostic Biochips Sensors Agile Targeting

Agile Targeting

Only 10’s of microns wide, allowing for minimal disruption to the implant site tissue for single-unit data collection.

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Engineered for ease of use for both acute and chronic research, and to maximize researchers’ time spent collecting data.

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Streamlined Data Collection

Ability to perform analog-digital conversion, eliminating the head stage from the architecture and enabling data collection directly from the probe.

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Lower Cost Per Unit of Science

  • Engineered for both acute and chronic research.

  • Ease of implantation allows researchers to spend more time gathering data.

  • Reliable sensors improve implantation success and promote repeatable measurements.

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Surgical Implantation Training & Support

  • Our technology is engineered to help you conduct science efficiently by streamlining the implantation and data collection processes.

  • We provide a training service to educate researchers on neurosensor mounting and implantation best practices.

  • The goal of training is to reduce the time and complexity of implantation, thereby maintaining the health of the implantee and improving the resulting recording output.

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