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Brian G. Jamieson Published in Frontiers in Neuroscience


Diagnostic Biochips' Brian G. Jamieson PhD co-authored "Multichannel Silicon Probes for Awake Hippocampal Recordings in Large Animals" with Alexandra V. Ulyanova, Carlo Cottone, Christopher D. Adam, Kimberly G. Gagnon, D. Kacy Cullen, Tahl Holtzman, Paul F. Koch, H. Isaac Chen, Victoria E. Johnson, and John A. Wolf. The research article was published in the Neural Technology section of Frontiers in Neuroscience on April 26, 2019. DOI: Abstract: Decoding laminar information across deep brain structures and cortical regions is necessary in order to understand the neuronal ensembles that represent cognition and memory. Large animal models are essential for translational research due [...]

Brian G. Jamieson Published in Frontiers in Neuroscience2021-10-04T08:42:02-05:00

DBC Team Published in Translational Research


Two Diagnostic Biochips team members, Brian G. Jamieson PhD and Karen Scida PhD, recently had a review paper published in Translational Research: The Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine, along with UCSB's Kevin W. Plaxco PhD. "High frequency, real-time neurochemical and neuropharmacological measurements in situ in the living body" DOI: Abstract: The beautiful and complex brain machinery is perfectly synchronized, and our bodies have evolved to protect it against a myriad of potential threats. Shielded physically by the skull and chemically by the blood brain barrier, the brain processes internal and external information so that we can efficiently relate to [...]

DBC Team Published in Translational Research2019-09-09T17:20:29-05:00



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